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Five Things to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Videographer

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Choosing a wedding videographer can be difficult. If you're reading this, you realize that photos only capture so much of the day. Hiring a videographer will ensure you don't miss important moments. But how do you narrow down from so many options?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and video is an important investment to look back on and relive those precious moments, hear the voices of your most loved family members and see the facial expressions of your iconic day. You want to make sure you are making the right choice.

With that said, the right videographer will tell the story you most connect with. I've highlighted the five best things to consider when booking a wedding videographer to make your search as easy as possible!


How do you feel when you view their work? Does it make you emotional? Are you excited? Happy? Is it offbeat? Are you blown away? Are you crying? Figure out the things that make you tick and get you most excited! Find a videographer that tells the story in a way that you emotionally connect with.

I connect with my couples with an emphasis on emotive and intentional storytelling. We even have a storytelling strategy session before your wedding to pinpoint the most important parts of your big day. Whatever your story may be, it deserves to be recognized and remembered for decades to come. Find a videographer that can focus on those important aspects for you.


What parts of the day are most important to you? Getting ready? Venue details? Dress? Vows? Mom and dad? Speeches? Reception? Consider capturing the entire weekend. Do you want to capture the rehearsal dinner/speaches? Make sure you consider this in your search. Make sure your videographer values the same things as you in their work.

Additionally, the amount of coverage you prefer will determine the wedding film package you choose. Want that beautiful first look moment but also the awesome fireworks exit at the end? Make sure your choosing a package appropriate to the amount of time you'll need. Your videographer should be able to give you recommendations!


What's your style? Are you more elegant and high-end? Are you more outdoorsy? Do you want a intimate wedding with your close family? Or maybe an elopement with just the two of you? Determine this and find a videographer that specializes in that type of style.


We think sound is one of the most important aspects of a wedding film. From the music to the vows, sound works together with the video clips to take your story to the next level. Make sure your videographer is capable of capturing high-quality sound in their wedding films. The sound of your grandparents, parents, or siblings voices will be priceless in the future.


So, you're favorite wedding videographer is on the other side of the country. Or worse, they live in a totally different country than you do. Don't let that stop you from reaching out and asking about their options! I'm a destination wedding videographer and travel to my couples. I prefer to! Some videographers would love to travel for your day.

However, you'll want to ask if they charge for travel. I have a bucket list of dream destinations I'd love to shoot at and offer discounts for those locations. Check and see if your videographer charges for travel and what additional fees are added. Ask about my travel inclusive packages for destinations around the world!


Are those tips helpful? Did you connect with my work? Please reach out to me anytime with questions and I'll be happy to help! Or, if you just wanna say hi and become friends, let's do it!

If you're interested in inquiring about your wedding day, fill out my contact form here and I'll get back to you shortly! In the meantime, checkout one of my videos below and I'll talk to ya soon!

Nathan x

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